The Occasional Brewer

At the Occasional Brewer you can brew up a delicious beer without investing in the expensive equipment. Everything is done from scratch – they even mill their own grains. It just happens to be next to a craft beer bar, so if you’re thirsty you can swing over while you’re waiting, and if your brew is good enough you might even get it on tap. While I was there Pita and Ellery were assisting the brewers, making some ‘lunch’ and tending to their raspberry plant. Pita gave me a little behind the scenes run down:

What’s the worst name for a beer you have seen at the occasional brewer?
Not too sure on this one, but lots of labels have pictures of genitals, especially when the brew crew have had a few beers

What’s a hot tip you can give to home brewers?
Don’t brew at home come and see us

Tell me how a really good pale ale is made
At our place, follow the recipe and keep it simple 

What’s your favourite Wellington brew at the moment?
Loving our Red IPA, don’t really bother with commercial anymore

Do many brewers ditch the staple beers and go for something outrageous?
Yep, one of the Occasional Brewers recently made a beetroot beer and also a raspberry/white chocolate porter and they are both delicious!

What’s next on your personal to-brew list?
I want to infuse kawakawa and horopito into a pilsner

Is there any competition between staff on who makes the best brew?
Not for me, I’m more about the consumption than production but I know the others boys are into that.

How is your raspberry plant going?
Terrible, been too busy at work to get in the garden, the Forget-me-nots are coming along though.