made by a

Amelia is made by a. She has a shed where she creates beautiful pieces of jewellery from gold, silver and pearls. She also makes quality apparel from reclaimed clothing and fabric. We had a coffee in her shed while she polished some pieces, then we went for a walk around the corner to the shop she runs with her friends.

What is cool about bees
They’re attracted to the sweet stuff…(as opposed to flies that are attracted to the s***) Haha a little reminder to see the good in every person/situation. (Be a bee, not a fly)

Favourite thing about your shed
‘Shed time’ for me is the closet thing to meditation. It’s such a good place to switch off and get lost in creating something.
Oh and also it is transformed into a d-floor when we have parties…

What does being a gold or silver person say about someone?
Hmm good question. I am not entirely sure – however, a person who mixes metals – they intrigue me. Nothing excites me more than seeing a collection old, new, gold and silver rings stacked on someones hands & the story that comes with them.

Best coffee in Adamstown?
Pekána – a little European bakery/cafe around the corner that does the most delish pastries.

Did you learn any Spanish while you were in Mexico?
Sí.. enough to get by! Still learning though.

How are pearls made?
Pearls are fascinating. They are basically a really beautiful scab….
Pearls are formed as part of the oysters, mussel or clams defence mechanism. When a irritant such as a parasite works its way into an oyster, the oyster then releases a fluid called nacre that coats/solidifies it-then turning it into a pearl!