Leeds Street Bakery

Tucked away in this little corner is a crew who make the best goddamn sourdough bread. They’re also onto the salted-caramel-so-hot-right-now and have nailed the softest chewiest dreamiest sweetest saltiest cookie. Leeds Street doesn’t do a lot of things but they do them right. The bakery teams up with Red Rabbit Coffee Co., a micro roastery and cafe, to create a pretty sweet combo. Organic sprouted rye toast and freshly roasted single origin espresso. Stop it. If you still need a reason to get down there, picture yourself surrounded by trays of sticky caramel and the aroma of freshly baked bread while you sip filter and get the hot goss on sandwich secrets and the best olive oil. James and Jose were more than happy to have me take some snaps despite being pretty busy as they worked with the ever transforming dough. James lets us in on a few things here:

Tell us about your favourite sandwich
My favourite sandwich at we are making at the moment has to be the prosciutto baguette. It consists of a freshly baked baguette, a generous amount of butter and beautiful Australian cured ham. So simple yet so sophisticated

 How is the delicious Sprouted Sticky Loaf made?
The sticky sprouted loaf we make has quite a number of ingredients in it. One of the major points of difference is the addition of rye berries that we sprout. Wholemeal spelt and stoneground rye flours are combined in a bowl with water, milk, yoghurt and honey. This mixture is left for a thirty minute autolyse, which is a period in which cells are broken down by its own enzymes, an essential stage in our method of bread making. Oat flour, salt and a mixture of seeds and grains is then added followed by a few hours of bulk fermentation. The loaves are then divided out into tins and then retarded in the fridge over night before baking the next day.

What do you think would happen to you in you only lived on bread and coffee?
You’d probably die, but at least die happy 

Which stage of bread making do you most enjoy?
For me the most enjoyable and rewarding time is pulling the baked loaves out of the oven. The results of a real labour of love! Shaping is also really fun and requires a lot of skill 

Why don’t you make croissants?
We don’t make croissants simply because we don’t have enough space 

Have you ever had a salted caramel cookie ice cream sandwich?
No I haven’t but it sounds pretty damn delicious!