Giselle Clarkson


You might know Giselle as the illustrator responsible for the comprehensive (and somewhat controversial) Biscuits & Slices print. Some may have doubts about her selections, but I tell you this girl knows her biscuits and can sure put away a few cups of tea to go along with them.

Giselle lives in an awesome house full of cool, colourful things, complete with any kind of tea you might want to drink, cats, chickens and a stocked up garden. Sometimes she lets me steal her parsley & lemons.

She makes prints & does illustrations for heaps of different projects, and is particularly gifted at helping you understand crazy facts about the environment and different animals & plants through her drawings.

Giselle is also a pretty hardcore tramper, bird nerd, and has been on some rad trips including one to the Subantarctic Islands, and most recently to volunteer on a Tawaki project in Milford sound.

If you were a bird you’d be…

A weka. Happy living alone under a hut somewhere, curious, a bit of an obsessive treasure hunter with a huge stash of “it will be useful one day” things.

What tunes do you like to listen to while you work?

The sort of music that makes me useful at pub quizzes.
***this is mainly blues & rock’n’roll from the 60s with a couple of obsure, corny hits thrown in***What are your chickens’ names?

Bok, bok bok, bok bok bok, bok bok bok bok and bok bok bok bok bok.

Best and worst thing that happened on your trip to the Subantarctic islands?

Best: I got close enough to hear the “vrooooooomshhh” of an albatrosses wings as it flew over my head.

Worst: Someone pooed on my stuff.

Favourite tea?


Best tramping snack:

Cheese and crackers never taste better than they do on a walk.

***she’s not lying they taste so good***

Can you tell me a cool fact about penguins?

Snares crested penguins can climb trees!

Can you draw me a dinosaur please

Screen Shot 2017-11-20 at 12.27.16 PM
Check out the rest of Giselle’s work here