From A Seed

Andrew lives in a beautiful spot on NSW’s east coast. In his backyard is a workshop where he designs and crafts sculptural and functional timber pieces, mostly from local and sustainably sourced wood. Not a bad life, and hardly a splinter to complain of..

Best thing about living in Medowie?
Medowie is quiet but still so close to Newcastle and Port Stephens. We live quite close to Grahamstown Dam which is awesome for a sunset bike ride.

What’s your favourite tree?
Jacaranda, a very pretty tree and nice to turn. It can be tricky to finish but I love the colour and grain, usually a simple natural wax is best to finish with.

Where does a lot of your timber come from?
Nearly all of my timber is locally sourced from fallen trees. The rest from friends or people I meet.

How many splinters do you get each week?
When wood turning, actually, it’s very rare I get a splinter but when doing generally carpentry work I probably get a splinter every other minute.

I think you need a dog, what kind would you get?
I’m not sure I want a dog after seeing the super cute hedgehogs in socks on Instagram, check it out 🙂

(I did search for sock wearing hedgehogs, stupidly cute)

Thanks Andrew!