Coffee Supreme

Coffee Supreme on Hopper Street is a great place to be on a cold, wet and windy Wellington day. You can smell the roasting beans from a few blocks away. Rich mans the cafe at the front where you can hang out away from the wind and chat and drink good coffee. Aside from the roasting warehouse and the cafe there’s also a dispatch room, a very cool research and development lab, and HQ upstairs. There’s a lot going here, including basketball. Lucky there’s plenty of coffee going around to keep everyone up to speed.  Matt, one of the coffee roasters, told me a bit about working here.

What do you like best about being a roaster?
It’s a good mix of physical work but also you have to use your brain and think about what you are doing as well.  Plus the coffee is free here.

Does everything you own smell like coffee?
When I used to work standing next to a grinder all day at our retail store everything smelled of coffee.  Now not so much, or at least I don’t notice it any more.

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve found when sifting out the coffee beans?
A little fishing line, watch straps and a still working pocket calculator

Know any good coffee jokes?
Just those awful café names like ‘bean grinding’ or ‘the daily grind’  arghh.

What’s your favourite blend?
Our ‘Supreme’ blend at the moment.

Do you ever drink instant?
Maybe once in the last ten years.  Must have been pretty desperate.

Would you give up the first coffee of the day for $100?
Ohh not sure.  Probably not on Mondays, first coffee of the week is always a cracker.

What’s your favourite thing to roast that isn’t coffee?
A nice beef fillet with all my favourite veggies.

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